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When NOT to Massage

When NOT to Massage As practicing massage therapists with many years of experience we have had our share of success stories working with our clients.  As educators we strongly believe that keeping boundaries around the limitations of massage therapy is important.  There are times that professionals and amateurs alike take on situations that should be…


Thyroid Health

Thyroid Health Environmental, postural and muscular contributors to thyroid dysfunction can be addressed. Environmental – Thyroid and Chlorine You may already know that chlorine is very harmful for the health of the thyroid gland.   As reported by the National Academy of Hypothyroidism (, “Chlorine, like fluorine and bromine, is related to iodine which causes it to compete…


Stretching & Massage

Stretching & Massage Adding some stretches to the massages you share with your family at home is an easy way to make the massage sessions more effective.  It also adds variety and interest to the massage. We taught our massage students several different approaches to applying stretches.  The two that make sense for the average…


Pregnenolone: Nature’s Hormonal Harmonizer

Pregnenolone: Nature’s Hormonal Harmonizer Promote hormonal balance and smoother, moister skin with a body cream fortified with pregnenolone and DHEA Although hormonal imbalance can occur at any age for many reasons, as one ages gracefully over time the natural production of certain hormones tapers off gradually.  Famously notable among these are testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.…


Posture and Pain

Posture and Pain Postural distortions start early and affect us as adults.  Keep the muscles and joints happy with massage and change habits that throw your posture off balance. From the time we leave the comfort of the warm, fluid-filled womb we deal with the force of gravity.  As toddlers, once we learn to stand…