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About Us


We are Laura Hepburn and Ray Miller, licensed massage therapists and educators. We have operated a vocational school, the Wellness and Massage Training Institute, in Woodridge, Illinois, USA since 1989. Combined we have over 45 years experience educating clients, parents, our children and health professionals in natural healing modalities. We are passionate about the power of hands on healing and the wisdom of the body, and are privileged to inspire others to do the same.

We have shared massage, essential oils and bodywork with our two children from the times of their home-births to the present.  We also share massage and essential oils with our canine companions on a regular basis.  Natural health is a way of life for us.

We love what we do. We feel that all people have the right to enjoy pain-free movement no matter their age or activity level. We have shared information with many clients on a one-to-one basis. Through this website we share the same information and techniques with people all over the world. Our vision is to find natural healing techniques practiced in every home in the world.

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