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For those of us with children, there are things we can do to keep their exposure to harmful chemicals to a minimum.  We have used essential oils and petrochemical-free personal care products in our family for years.  We feel it has had a positive effect on the health of our children and is reflected in their school attendance and academic performance.


Sharing the Cold and Flu?

When our children were younger our eldest came down with chicken pox, so like many parents do, we put our youngest in close proximity in the hopes he would come down with it and we only would have to deal with the illness once.  No such luck!

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Teething pain

Know someone going through one of the rites of passage to toddlerhood?

Teething pain is often your little one’s first experience of repeated if not constant discomfort.  They can be miserable, can’t they?  They want to chew on everything, hard, to relieve that new sensation they don’t really enjoy.  As concerned (and sometimes at wits end) parents we will try anything to give our little one some relief (and finally get some sleep). 

Thieves essential oil blend to the rescue!

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Colicky child?

We have heard all too many times about small infants suffering from colic.  Their pain becomes their parents’ pain all too frequently as nap time is limited due to the fussing and crying caused by intestinal discomfort.  You can certainly take a look at the foods you are giving to the infant as a cause for the condition.  In any case, to address the immediate situation in hand here is a little tip that has helped many:

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Bumps and bruises

Our 13 yr. old son come in today after playing some basketball with school chums across the street.  He had a dark mark under his eye having taken an elbow going up for a rebound.  And he's not even sitting for a family or school photograph tomorrow!

 First thing he asked me?  Which oil do I use for a black eye?

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Infant Massage

Infant massage techniques target newborns up to the age of toddlerhood. Once your child begins walking, the game changes to accommodate their newfound freedom. Infant massage employs basic Swedish massage strokes which are generally light and emphasizes joint movement to enhance coordination.

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