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Bumps and bruises

Our 13 yr. old son come in today after playing some basketball with school chums across the street.  He had a dark mark under his eye having taken an elbow going up for a rebound.  And he's not even sitting for a family or school photograph tomorrow!

 First thing he asked me?  Which oil do I use for a black eye?


It is evident there is some discoloration showing up.  I told him to use helichrysum or Aroma Life blend.  Both have been proven in use over the years to reduce bruising.  He knows through experience, and I reminded him anyway, to keep the oil out of the eye and to only apply it to the bruised area away from the eye itself.  (See the webinar Essential Oil Advantage- Part 1 for more information on essential oil application).  As of this writing his eye is looking pretty good.  We will follow up with more oils later and maybe apply a little ice, too.


Our daughter was so accident prone is high school that we made sure she had a bottle in her personal oil kit.  She would bang into lockers, fall down stairs, bang into desk corners with regularity, or so it seemed.  She used Panaway blend a lot because it has a lot of helichrysum in it and reduces pain.  This oil is included in the Everyday Oil Collection which we purchased for her to keep in her back pack.  Claire would always pull it out and share it with her pals who also seemed to be accident prone.  Maybe its a teenager thing...ya think?


We had a client who had taken a bad fall on her hip one day.  She was scheduled for a massage so she came in for her appointment and my wife saw the extent of the bruising that had begun to develope.  My wife applied ONE DROP of helichrysum to the bruised area with a gentle circular motion.  The client called the next day ecstatic over the appearance of the hip bruise...it was almost gone!


The Aroma Life has helped my 86 year old father with some of the incidental bruises that arise when he bumps into things around the house.  Older folk have thinner skin as part of the aging process and blood thinning medications can make the problem worse.


So, if you have an incident in your home where a kid comes in with a shiner-to-be have some helichrysum on hand and it may not become a shiner after all.