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Stretching & Massage

Dogs do it, cats do it, why don’t people like you and me do it , too?

Have you ever noticed that when dogs and cats wake up from a long rest they immediately stretch themselves out? They stretch their backs, hind and forelegs and yawn big time.  Most of their human companions don’t.   For us humans, it makes sense to lengthen the muscles and tendons that have been lying dormant overnight.  Flexibility is important to maintaining great health.  Stretching also helps keep the blood and lymphatic fluids moving through the body.

Adding some stretches to the massages you share with your family at home is an easy way to bring these benefits and make the massage sessions more effective.  It also adds variety and interest to the massage.

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Benefits of Massage and Bodywork

Although massage therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years, there are still a lot of people who have never heard of it, have the “wrong” idea about it (massage parlor image) or do not think of massage as an option for improving their health.  In fact, one rarely sees massage therapy given as a treatment option when researching traditional medical intervention for dis-ease.

Once the benefits of massage therapy are explained, many “take the plunge” and try it out.

We are taking one of the outlines from the Fundamental Massage course manual we produced for many years in our massage school and are adding some explanation given in the Anatomy & Physiology courses to clarify the many benefits that focused, well trained massage therapists can impart to their clients.  

It gives us great pleasure when you or a loved one enjoy a better quality of life as a result of deciding to get a massage to improve your health. (Read “Looking for a Massage Therapist” for tips on finding one)

Here is the first in a series explaining the benefits of massage for various organ systems of your body.  Check back regularly for other posts.

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Looking to Buy a Massage Table?

Most people make use of the floor, couch or bed when sharing massage at home.  This is a good idea for the occassional massage exchange.  

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When NOT to Massage

As practicing massage therapists with many years of experience we have had our share of success stories working with our clients.  As educators we strongly believe that keeping boundaries around the limitations of massage therapy is important.  There are times that professionals and amateurs alike take on situations that should be cleared medically before massage therapy is attempted.

Here is some basic information to consider before doing massage work on anyone.

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Choosing a Professional Massage Therapist

So you decided to get a professional massage...Good for you!  Now you may be wondering how to find one that is a good fit for you.   Massage therapy is a term used generically these days for anyone doing massage work.  Massage is part of health care and choosing a massage therapist should be taken as seriously as choosing a doctor or dentist.  Massage diiffers from other health care providers in that some degree of undress is par for the course and you will be sharing at least 30 minutes to an hour, one on one, with your massage therapist.

Finding a massage therapist to work with should be researched in order to find a good fit.  Here are some questions to ask a massage professional to determine if the two of you can work together to meet your goals and achieve the outcome you desire from the massage work.

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