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We have used massage therapy with our pets for years.  We have had cats and currently have a wonderful caninie companion that really shows his appreciation for the massage he gets on a daily basis.  We also use essential oils to promote his physical and emotional health.  If you ever had a pet who was afraid of thunder storms, you know how emotionally upset they can get.  

Here we share health tips for pets we have learned and shared over the years.

Pet; Massage

Millions of households around the world are home to an domesticated animal or two we call “pets”.  The assortment of fish, birds, cats, dogs, reptiles and horses all serve to provide some form of companionship and nurture us on an emotional and spiritual level.


We have been owned by cats in the past and currently share living space with our dog, Monty.  He is the first canine we have lived with from puppyhood having adopted rescue dogs in the past.  He is also the first that has grown up with the benefit of regular massage time.  And he has come to expect it if not demand it on a daily basis.  Smart dog!

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