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The technology used in the Amethyst Bio-Mat is based upon Nobel Prize winning research.  In addition, the far infrared (FIR) energy waves have been researched for their health benefits.  

Published FIR Research

These research studies into the effects of far infra red rays on various conditions were listed on the US government website pubmed.gov.  Numerous studies have been conducted to find out if far infrared rays have beneficial effects and to learn how those beneficial effects are achieved.  Here we present some of the more recent findings

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Negative Ion Production


The Bio-Mat has a second passive healing advantage for us:   negative ion production.  Negative ions occur naturally, and if we were all living near waterfalls or ocean waves crashing the shoreline these fast moving electrons would be constantly present in abundance to cleanse and purify the air we breathe.  We don’t all live that close to nature though, and the pollution surrounding our homes and offices has reduced our exposure to healing negative ions and increased exposure to stressful positive ions. 

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Far Infra Red Technology


The Bio-Mat is a user-friendly device that can improve anyone’s quality of life.  While the EASE of use is extremely simple (plug it in and lie on it, sleep on it, stretch on it, wrap it around your joints) the WHY to use it is a little less clear to many of us.  Without the need of a chemistry or physics textbook, let’s take a moment to explain in common sense terms how it works and why you should seriously consider having a Bio-Mat in your home.

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Amethyst Crystal Technology



The cells of the body are like molecules surrounded by water.  Biologists and physicists agree that the tissues and cells of the body have crystalline arrangements.  These crystalline arrangements exist throughout living tissues and as living crystals produce electrical charges when they are moved, stretched or compressed.  That means we are “piezoelectric” structures, making electricity in our bodies when we move. “Piezo” is Greek for squeeze or press, and “electric” (also Greek) is derived from amber, the ancient source for creating an electrical charge.   Amethysts are natural crystal-quartz structures from the earth.  Sometimes crystal-quartz structures are laboratory created and manufactured, like those used in quartz movements in watches.  The quartz crystals in the amethyst Bio-Mat are natural - mined from the earth in Korea.  Amethyst, like all other crystals, has electrical properties.  Crystals will vibrate in response to vibrations around it like a tuning fork. The shape and size of the crystalline structure will actually amplify the vibration according to the degree of stimulation.  If this sounds like something more from your biology class than your geology class you may be right.  

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