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Amethyst Crystal Technology



The cells of the body are like molecules surrounded by water.  Biologists and physicists agree that the tissues and cells of the body have crystalline arrangements.  These crystalline arrangements exist throughout living tissues and as living crystals produce electrical charges when they are moved, stretched or compressed.  That means we are “piezoelectric” structures, making electricity in our bodies when we move. “Piezo” is Greek for squeeze or press, and “electric” (also Greek) is derived from amber, the ancient source for creating an electrical charge.   Amethysts are natural crystal-quartz structures from the earth.  Sometimes crystal-quartz structures are laboratory created and manufactured, like those used in quartz movements in watches.  The quartz crystals in the amethyst Bio-Mat are natural - mined from the earth in Korea.  Amethyst, like all other crystals, has electrical properties.  Crystals will vibrate in response to vibrations around it like a tuning fork. The shape and size of the crystalline structure will actually amplify the vibration according to the degree of stimulation.  If this sounds like something more from your biology class than your geology class you may be right.  

The Bio-Mat uses the vibrational amplification qualities of amethysts in its composition to facilitate communication with and between the cells and structures in the body.  Just like a musical instrument amplifies sound waves, the lower energy vibration is amplified by the stones.  The Far Infrared waves produced in the Bio-Mat are subsonic energy waves which act as an information carrier when passed through the amethyst crystals. The Far Infrared wave length produced by the amethyst is in the 8 to 12 micron range which is most beneficial wavelength for the tissues of the body.  The combined wavelength and low vibrational energy create frequencies documented to enhance bone, nerve, ligament and capillary growth and fibroblast proliferation (Sisken and Walker, 1995).

A long tradition of use

In ancient healing traditions the vibratory character of the amethyst was used to clear emotions and balance the body.  The beautiful purple color is calming and soothing, related to the energy center of the head known as the crown chakra in the ancient therapies of Far Eastern medicine.  It is associated with the balancing of sensory and motor input, brain function, melatonin production, and the pineal gland. (Colorology, Dennis 1995) 

Holistic health and complementary health practitioners have long discussed the integration of our spiritual self with our physical health.  The amethyst is a bridge between the search for spirit within and healing. Traditional uses for amethyst crystals have been to aid in sleep, clear thinking, protect and restore energy and as a vibrational antenna to connect us to our Spirit and each other.  The natural amethyst crystals in the Bio-Mat cannot wear out or break down or lose their effectiveness or ability to resonate.

They are as potent now as in ancient times.