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Information on natural health practices that can be followed at home to improve and maintain the health of you and your family.  Read the DISCLAIMER at the bottom of the web page.

Some posts are in response to help requests from members of our Young Living team and represents the type of support we share with our members.  Join us, too.

Can't fnd what you are looking for?  E-mail us your requests for information on the use of essential oils, massage and other bodywork methods you can use to improve your health.

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Cystic Fibrosis


We found some information in the Reference Guide for Essential Oils, 12th edition.  The approach seems to target lung mucous congestion and build up although the digestive tract can be affected as well.  Given your grandson’s tender age of 17 months the best results will come from regular applications along the spine and topical oil application to the chest, base of the skull and bottom of the feet.  Diffusion of essential oils into the air will also be of great benefit. 


The book lists two “recipes” which I am transcribing below.  We suggest diluting in a good carrier oil when applying topically to a little one.



Alternate Thieves, RC, lavender, and myrtle.  Apply to brain stem area (back of neck and base of skull), temples, chest and bottom of feet.  Diffuse.  Raven is stronger and can replace myrtle for helping remove mucous accumulation in the lungs.  Myrtle gentle for use on children.


#2 (staphylococcus)

Oregano, thyme and Melrose up the spine using Raindrop technique.  (Oregano and thyme are hot oils and should be diluted with vegetable oil) Then 10 drops lemon, 5 drops melaleuca alternafolia, and 5 drops frankincense(rub on chest, feet and diffuse) OR 10 drops Raven and 5 drops hyssop.


The book also suggests supplementation which might not work with a 17 month old that is not yet able to swallow capsules or tablets.


Please feel free to contact us for help.  If you are not familiar with the oils, Raindrop technique or any other aspect of Young Living products we are here to help.



Asthma, Oils & more


I am sorry about your asthma diagnosis, but also very happy to see that you have been cleaning all you can in the past several years.  That will help in the restoration of your health.  My current Essential Oil Desk Reference does not say anything about not inhaling oil.  As a matter of fact, to really help your lung and bronchial tissue you SHOULD inhale oils either with a diffuser through the night set on a light timer to run for about a half hour every 2-3 hours, or during the day taking a moment to place a drop of oil into the palms of your hands and inhaling on a regular basis. Then rub the oils from your hands onto the lung areas of the chest and sternum and the feet on the lung and bronchial reflex points.  


Hyssop would not be my first recommendation.  My clients have reported very good result with Frankincense, Eucalyptus radiata or blue, Raven blend or ravensara, myrtle. Many of these are in the Breathe Again Roll On, and that makes it easy to carry along with you and apply any time.  


One of the major goals is stopping the spasm in the bronchi, and the recommendation for that is a combination of lavender and Roman Chamomile.  My recent discovery with people in an attack is to use the Tranquil Roll On which is Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Cedarwood (which carries oxygen into the tissues as well).  Roll it on between the shoulder blades if you can or if someone can assist you and work it into the spine and along side between the blades with the finger tips.  This is where the nerves emerge for the lungs.  This can make a big difference quickly and relax you and calm anxiety you experience at the same time.  Place some Tranquil on the sternum and work in there too.  Then a few minutes later you can apply and inhale any of the oils listed above to help decongest the lungs.  


I have done these oils with many children and adults to help with the asthmatic constriction and had good result.  Being a natural way of handling things, you will have to experiment with which of the oils work best for your chemistry.  Palo Santo and Dorado azul can be helpful as well as Sacred Mountain for the clearing of the lungs.  Ravensara is specific to lung and bronchial tissue and you may find that or Raven blend is helpful.  Myrtle can add support to the thyroid and thymus.  Harmony will help balance the thymus.  


I would recommend you explore drinking the Ningxia Red juice to help with immune function and help rebuild.  It helps decrease tissue inflammation, too.  And I would suggest you be taking the Multigreens capsules to build you up and increase oxygen and decrease inflammation.  Both the Ningxia Red and Multigreens contain oils which would be beneficial in regaining adrenal balance and energy levels.  


And you may have to explore the emotional components that may be along for the ride.  Take a few minutes to inhale a favorite oil and find out what you can do to support yourself in moving forward in grace and ease.  We are always here to assist you and to offer guidance.  If you have an older Desk Reference you may want to treat yourself to an upgrade soon to have new oils and information.


Should you need any help in the future please do not hesitate to contact us.




Laura Hepburn and Ray Miller


Note:  See Asthma post under Health Concerns on this website



Disc Herniation

Herniated disc 


I just attended the Young Living Natures remedies class this weekend and Scott Johnson recommends BLM  capsules for the healing discs and cartilage of any joint, as long as there is some healthy tissue present. He told a story of a friend using BLM and doing gentle healthy back exercises and he was improving in a month with just the BLM as the agent used.   Gary Young at convention a few years ago also recommended topical Idaho Tansy for rehydrating and healing discs; and Idaho Blue Tansy is a big component of Valor Oil blend (not surprising). Use straight Tansy or extra Valor with your Helichrysum in a raindrop.  BLM going to be very important.  You could also try massaging a couple of drops of Mineral Essence on the site.  Taste of Mineral Essence is not pleasant, but it can do some nice healing even topically.


As always we are here to help.

Laura and Ray



Constipation support



This post is in response to one of our Young Living team members requesting our help to address a personal issue.  Perhaps it will be of help to you or someone you know.  It is not intended to cure or treat any medical condition.  Read the disclaimer at the bottom of the web page.  


This is typical of the support we provide to members of our Young Living family.  Join us!


I have a few ideas about the constipation issue.  I do not know what your diet is like or your water intake.  If this is a long term chronic problem we may need to help your body have some more healing and to help it more.  Hormone activation and enzymes are part of the function of the gut.  That is why low thyroid sometimes will have a side effect of slowing the intestinal movement for instance.  Keep doing the Comfortone, 2-3 at night and2- 3 in the morning and add some of the following:


Comfortone capsules help with the detoxification and healing of the system.  It is NOT a fiber supplement, so you need to make sure your diet has plenty of fruits and vegetables, grains and nuts.  It is essential to have enough enzymes to promote assimilation of your nutrients and to keep sugars and proteins from being in your bloodstream and causing problems there.  Our foods are very low in enzymes, even our vegetables are not as good.  Take Essentialzyme or Essentialzyme 4 (which helps the pancreas function better too) and Detoxzyme after every meal and again before bed. You cannot overdo the intake of enzymes as we decrease our own production after age 30. Your body needs the enzymes to work overnight.  When you get up first thing you will do is drink 16 oz of good water, not tap water.  That will help your hormonal activity and enzyme activity for the day.  The simple step of a big glass of water first thing in the morning is one of the quickest most effective changes you can do.  Add the enzymes and you are helping gut function as well as decreasing inflammation.  If you eat raw nuts and seeds, soak them in water overnight to activate the enzyme activity there.  Also try having Power Meal for your lunch, or part Power Meal and part Balance Complete.  Power Meal is chock full of both enzymes and amino acids and the Balance Complete is full of fiber.  It would be about $3.60 per serving.


DiGize oil blend:  massage a drop or two on the abdomen in a clockwise direction to help with circulation to the tissues and promote natural movement. Do that a few times a day.   You can also take this internally in a capsule or a glass of water as needed.   Decrease your stress with oils, exercise and prayer or meditation and deep breathing.   Stress causes undo spasticity in the gut and increases inflammation.  Inflammation interferes with function all over.


A client of mine just recommended a book she has found very helpful for redesigning her thinking about food and digestion, called Gut Bliss, written by a doctor and available at the library.  She noticed a change in a few days.





Choosing Essential Oils to Buy


Hi Aileen,

Got your message this morning; sorry this was as soon as I could answer.  Here is some information and explanation you can share with your friends.



You should always ask where they source their oils from.  If they buy their oils from brokering houses; the oils may be good quality, but their history is not always known.  Being able to follow the process from "seed to seal" as they say, is important.  Visits to the farms to see the process can be done.


If a company states that oils can only be used topically, or if the oils must be used in a diluted state, this is telegraphing that there is a problem with contamination.  Oils marketed in the UK are often impure and have such warnings all over the bottles.  Another tip off: Lack of Latin nomenclature on the bottles.  They all should have the real plant names stated to satisfy the pharmacological standards around the world.


Young Living is the only company I know of that owns 6 (at last count last summer) gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers; each batch of oils is tested to make sure that they are pure, not diluted or extended with another oil or substance.  (for instance, many companies will use some Lavendin in the Lavender, or synthetic oil, or extend the oil with liquid paraffin to get more out of a quart of real oil.


When Young Living rejects a batch of essential oils from a supplier due to quality issues, what do you think the producer will do with their oil?  Throw it out or find another buyer?  Those impure oils will find their way on to store shelves somehow.


For many years France has had difficulties with more lavender oil being exported than they actually grew!).  Young Living grows their own plants whenever possible.  If the plants are grown in other regions of the country or the world Gary Young and his staff will travel to inspect the farms to make sure that they are real (not just a fake address as a cover for bad farming) and that they are following organic methods.  I do not know of another company who owns their own testing equipment and tests in clean rooms like pharmaceutical houses like they do.  There is a company in California owned by Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt who is a friend of Gary Young and helped him with testing in the early days of his company.  They do some nice oils as well, but do not own their own farms or grow their own plants.  Young Living now has farms in France, the US, Ecuador, Peru, Oman and more coming soon.  They have some of the closest collaborations with growers around the world who know that this company stands up for purity and proper distillation technique. Gary personally holds patents for development of the distillers at each of the farms.  Plants grown at each are immediately processed on site, not shipped. Gary Young trained with some of the best French distillers and travelled extensively throughout the Middle East to learn of the ancient oils their use.  He has explored the Amazon jungles looking for the traditional healing plants of the native peoples and these are now exclusive to Young Living.  They have exclusive export arrangements for oils from South America and Oman.  The Sultanate of Oman felt so strongly about the integrity and honor of Young Living he granted the use of 40,000 acres for the growing of Sacred Frankincense and other sacred plants.  (Our whole family trekked to the farm in Idaho 4 years ago and helped with the harvest of melissa, or lemon balm and learned so much more about the farming there.)


There is an annual meeting of Clinical Aromatherapy in France.  Research is explored and published.  The purity of oils is of utmost importance.  Ray and I used many other brands without achieving the results that were claimed in many texts.  French Medical Texts have often advised the drinking of essential oils together with inhalation and topical application for the most powerful result.  This can only be done with clean oils.  This is what I have found with Young Living.  I get the results, and they are not just smells.  If I wanted smells I would go to Macy's cosmetics department.  I want the real deal whenever I open a bottle for any use.  


One more thing:  I personally find that the mission of Young Living is compelling.  They want to have these healing oils in every household.  We all work together ultimately.  Young Living has a non profit foundation dedicated to the improvement of the lives of the children, building schools, teaching good hygiene and farming and helping the parents learn to read and write.  I find that this fills my heart with gratitude.  It is in alignment with my vision of good works and good healing.  Ray and I are dedicated to the health of families here and will teach where we are called.  We are so blessed to do so.



Aileen, in your membership packet should have been a variety of dvd's.  One is called "Seed to Seal".  It has the process shown there.  Also can be viewed as a training video in the Young Living training area of the site.  (may be in back office - not sure).   This video has some nice interviews with Gary and several members of Young Living.  I think it will be helpful for your friends and for you to watch.  


Hope this is not too long winded, but I wanted to give you what we personally know.





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