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What is your eyesight worth to you?  If you were able to maintain the quality of eyesight you currently enjoy or even improve it, would you be willing to do what it takes?


This book shares techniques I have used on my own eyes and the eyes of numerous clients over the years I have been in professional practice.  They can be performed by yourself on yourself or shared with family members.


This book gives a basic explanation of Spiral Synergy approach to health enhancement and gives detailed instruction on how to perform simple eye balancing techniques that have been shown to reduce eye tension, restore flexibility to the eyeballs and improve the ability to focus.  illustrations are included to help clarify anatomy and finger placement to assure you are performing the techniques properly.


  • Basic anatomy of the eye
  • Prinicples of Spiral Synergy
  • Associated nerve pathways
  • Spiral Synergy balancing techniques

This book is in e-pub format

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