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Optimize Your Eyes

Vision and Eyesight


What is your vision worth to you?  How would your life change if your eyesight began to fail and you could not see as clearly as you once did?


Do you know there are things you can do to optimize your eye sight?


In the “old days” our life depended upon our eye sight.  Was that a friend or foe approaching from the distance?  These days we rely on our vision to feed ourselves, drive a car, walk across a room, read anything...stay connected to the world.


Those of us lucky to be born with eye sight often have a habit of taking poor care of it.  Those in need of “correction” most likely have visited eye care professionals and have been fitted for corrective eyeglasses and/or contact lenses.  Growing up and progressing through educational programs in grammar, middle and high school little time if any was invested in learning how the eye is structured, how vision works, and what we can do to maintain proper eye health.


With the proliferation of electronic devices - computers, cell phones, tablet readers, hand held games, etc., we have placed an increasing amount of strain on the eyes.  The most any one does about it is to rub their eyes once in a while in an attempt to east the eye strain.


Nutrition and the eye

On a nutritional level, it appears that many are of the mind that carrots are good for eyesight.  This is as far as nutritional knowledge for the eyes goes for many.  Others have learned that the nutrient lutein (a carotenoid) is good for eye sight and is found in the retina of the eye.  Raw, green leafy vegetables (e.g. kale and spinach) are the main source of lutein in the diet, and unfortunately the green leafy vegetables are often not included in the dietary habits of most people or they are cooked down to a mere shadow of their natural state.  


Zeaxanthin (another carotenoid) is a nutrient found in the macular area of the retina - the area where the rods and cones which are sensitive to light rays - are found.  Wolfberries are highly endowed with this nutrient.  The NingXia wolfberry (lycium barbarum) has been laboratory tested for its very high concentration of this nutrient.  The NingXia wolfberry is the major ingredient in NingXia Red, a nutritional supplement produced by Young Living Essential Oil company. 


Other sources are the green leafy vegetables, but in much lower amounts.



Eyesight can also be affected by muscular strain and tension, particularly muscles found in the back of the neck.  Blurred vision can result from a common tender area (called a trigger point) in the splenius cervicis muscle which attaches to the first three vertebra in the neck and to the spine between the shoulder blades.  This is a muscle you use to keep the neck straight; to turn the neck and head; and to bend the neck to the side.  If you jut your head forward as if straining to read a computer screen or look through the windshield of your car to read a traffic sign you are straining this muscle.  The muscle also lays on top of several other neck muscles and can get stuck to them.  This will often result in restricted range of motion limiting your ability to turn your head.


Spiral Synergy

Spiral Synergy uses an eye balancing technique to release tension in muscles that move the eye.  The techniques are explained and illustrated in “Optimizing you Eyes”, an e-book available here.

You can release tension in the neck muscles as a group by positioning the neck and head to soften the muscles in the back of the neck.  You can also make gentle contact with the upper vertebra in the neck and assess their movement and position in relation to one another.  By gently exaggerating the position of the vertebra you can affect the tension levels of all the muscles that connect to the vertebra.  


Read more about Spiral Synergy here



The foot reflexes for the eyes is located in the 2nd and 3rd toes or along the ridge at the base of the 2nd and 3rd toes, depending upon the book you read.  Use your thumb or finger tip to press along the areas and, if tight or tender, gently press into them or massage them.


Essential Oils

Frankincense essential oil has traditionally been applied to benefit the eyes.  I have applied this essential oil in the area under and around my eye prior to retiring for the night.  I often layer some Lemon essential oil on top of the frankincense due to lemon’s support of micro-circulation as learned in education sessions at convention.


Be careful to keep the oil out of the eyeball itself as it can cause burning and irritation.  Keep vegetable oil handy to dilute the essential oil and flush the area if you do get some in the eye.


I have used Young Living’s Boswellia Wrinkle Cream and Wolfberry Eye Cream around the eyes with success as well. 


Applying frankincense to the eye reflex points on the feet is also a good idea and is an alternative to applying around the eyes if you are concerned about getting oil in the eye.