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Cold and Flu? - Not for YOU!


It seems to be an annual ritual that begins just after Halloween in the USA.  Perhaps its the excessive sugar consumption from the “trick or treat” candy followed by Thanksgiving pies which is closely followed by holiday cookies and baked goods.  Throw in some cold weather and reduced outdoor exercise activity and you are inviting dis-ease into your home.  


Each year medical researchers prepare a Flu shot cocktail of select virus strains to protect us through the “flu season” and signs pop up everywhere to let you know they are available.


The old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” certainly applies here.  If you keep your immune system strong and avoid creating an acid internal body environment friendly to the unfriendly bacteria and viruses that surround us you will probably stay healthy.


Let us take a look at PREVENTION


Your immune system is on constant alert to identify, attack and neutralize all types of disease causing agents such as bacteria, viruses and environmental contaminants introduced into the blood stream through the digestive tract and the lungs.  It does a magnificent job under all kinds of circumstances and is never really at rest.


Along with movement to keep the lymphatic system flowing, keeping your immune system in top operating form has to do with the nutrition you put into your body.  If you consume lots of fresh vegetables and fruits (mostly alkaline in nature) you are giving your body the best chance to stay healthy.  If you consistently eat a lot of refined sugars, sweetened soda, processed foods, animal protein in the form of hamburgers, steak, chicken, (all acid forming by nature) you may be doing your health a dis-service.  Take a look at the illustration to see what happens to the red blood cells when you eat poorly and digest poorly.  The cells stick together and float around in a murky sea of undigested stuff.  You are creating fertile soil in which to grow bacteria.


Fresh  fruits and vegetables have a lot of minerals necessary to contribute to the production of cellular immunity substances.  Proteins and cholesterol are necessary for the manufacture of cell walls and chemical messengers and secretions that attack the bad guys floating around in your body.  Eating the best foods for you will do little good if you do not digest them well and to aid in this process consider boosting your consumption of digestive enzymes.  That will help you assimilate the nutrients more effectively, clean up the plasma the blood cells float around in and keep the red blood cells from clumping together as in the illustration.



The maintenance of an alkaline internal chemistry is one of the keys.  Read more about alkaline:acid balance here.  For a listing of alkaline and acid forming foods click here.



If you keep your resistance to disease high your body will protect you from the coughing, sneezing and germ transportation that is going on around where you work, play, shop and live.  If you have a child in a daycare environment you are probably exposed to a lot of germs.  It is in the news all around us, especially when an outbreak of flu sweeps through the population - keeping your hands clean and cleaning the shared surfaces such as phones, computers, desks and handles is important.


Chlorine is used in sanitizing wipes and lotions to kill disease agents but has also shown to be harmful to the function of the thyroid gland and intestinal tract.  You can do a little research of your own on this.  Here is one article on the subject published on PubMed.gov website:  


Mechanistic aspects of ingested chlorine dioxide on thyroid function: impact of oxidants on iodide metabolism.  PMCID: PMC1474311


In addition, the alcohol in “waterless” hand sanitizers is a drying agent that can be damaging to skin with repeated use.


You can keep the air around your home and work space clear of bacteria and viruses by using the natural power of nature’s therapeutic grade essential oils.  There are many that have been studied for their anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.  One blend of essential oils called Thieves has been researched for its effectiveness against air borne pathogens.  The oil blend has been incorporated into a variety of cleansing products and personal care products.  You can read more about them here.


Diffusing the essential oil of your choice into the air with a cold air nebulizing diffuser protects everyone including pets.  There are several diffuser models to choose from.

Read our Sharing the Cold and Flu post in the Kids Stuff section of this website.



Here are just a few of the many options from Young Living for Flu prevention:

Fast, easy & simple. Take 1-2 Inner Defense Capsules daily or 3-4 Longevity Capsules daily.


You can diffuse, apply topically, or take orally every day any 1 or more of the following Young Living Oils.

Use whatever you have on hand:

Clove, Eucalyptus-any (Young Living has 4), Hinoki, Laurus Nobilis, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lemon Myrtle, Melaleuca, Mountain Savory, Myrtle, Ocotea, Oregano , Palmarosa, Rosemary, Thyme. 


Abundance, Christmas Spirit, Clarity, DiGize, Egyptian Gold, Exodus II, Immupower, Longevity, Melrose, Purification, RC, Raven or Thieves.



If you have the flu try this:


Diffuse- Thieves or RC, or Raven, or Melrose or Mountain Savory or any of your favorite anti-infectious YL Oils.


Apply Topically- on bottom of feet, chest & tummy, 5 drops Thieves, 5 drops Raven, 1 drop YL Oregano, 1 drop YL Peppermint, 4-5 times daily


Orally- Approximately 5 drops, 4-5 times daily any one of the following oils; Clove, Laurus Nobilis, Lemon Myrtle, Melaleuca, Mountain Savory, Ravensara, Thyme, Exodus II, Immupower, Longevity, Melrose, RC, Raven or Thieves.


You can also take Inner Defense or Longevity capsules morning and evening.


Raindrop Technique application can help boost the immune system and address disease causing agents in the body.


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Learn more about essential oils by viewing this recorded webinar.  Click here.


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