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Thyroid and Chlorine

You may know that chlorine is very harmful for the health of the thyroid gland.  Many years ago Gary Young answered another member's question regarding thyroid and swimming and he suggested protecting the body from chlorine with the use of Cel Lite Magic massage oil on the skin to protect and neutralize the effects of chlorine on the body.  This is good exercise but his body will need to be protected.



Next, to rebuild the tissues to function better he has recommended Sulfurzyme for the MSM which is good for rebuilding and protecting the cells of the body.  This can be taken throughout the day, and starting with 2 capsules morning and evening, and can be increased as needed to 3 or 4 capsules; you cannot overdo this. 


Enzymes!  Use the Essentialzyme 4, Essentialzyme, Detoxzyme capsules throughout the day with meals and at bedtime.  


Omegagize capsules 1 morning and evening will be good endocrine support along with UltraYoung plus spray as indicated on the label.


Multigreens and Thyromin target the thyroid and endocrine system.  Take them in the morning, 1-2 capsules to start.  Thyromin should only be taken in the morning with hyperthyroid issues.  UltraYoung Plus oral spray in the insides of the cheeks - this should be done well before or after eating for best absorption.  


Mineral Essence taken in water with 3 drops of orange oil once a day.  Needed to rebuild healthy tissues along with the MSM and Omegagize.  These also help the tissues in the brain.


Endoflex oil blend, Clarity, on the back of the neck and head and on the thyroid area front of neck.  I know that he is 12 so the smell of oils for a young boy can sometimes be hard at school.  Apply oils then to the bottom of the feet and especially on the reflexes for thyroid that are on the big toe (look at the charts in your Desk References).  Lemongrass is refreshing along with Idaho Blue Spruce and can be added into the Cel Lite Magic massage oil and used all over before and after swimming.  Make sure oils are applied before bed and in the morning both.  Also good for him are Myrrh and Blue Tansy and German Chamomile massaged into the feet.  


Diffuse  or inhale from the hands Citrus Fresh, Clarity, Common Sense, EndoFlex every 4 to 6 hours as desired.  The nerves from nose to brain are short and fast and we need to talk to the brain tissue.