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Can't Sleep? Try this!

If you watch television at all you must have noticed all the ads for prescription sleep aids.  Millions of dollars are spent evey year on drugs to help us sleep.  However, there are some natural alternatives that have been proven effective.

Often a contributing factor to lack of sleep is emotional stress.  Your brain is working overtime thinking about work, finances, and bills to name a few.  Emotional stress has a habit of finding a home in the shoulders, neck and upper back.

One of the recognized benefits of massage is stress reduction.   Soothing massage of the shoulders and neck will usually provide the desired result of relaxation.  Some gentle massage to the face and jaw muscles help melt away the tension caused by grinding or clenching the teeth when overly stressed.

Another great area to massage is the feet.  15 minutes spent on each foot can relax the entire body.  You can also choose to give a reflexology session which focuses entirely on reflex areas located in the feet and hands.  Working the hands can be greatly relaxing, especially if you use your hands in your work.

Aromatherapy applications to relax the mind include the use of lavender, Roman chamomile and valerian essential oils.  These oils have been used for hundreds of years for their calming effects.  Young Living also makes two essential oil blends, Peace and Calming and Valor which  are exceptional in their ability to relax the mind and allow for a great nights’ sleep.  The best ways to use these oils for sleep is to rub a few drops on the bottom of the feet just before going to bed.  They may also be diffused into the air using a cold air nebulizing diffuser.  You can also place a couple of drops on a tissue or cotton ball and place the tissue on your pillowcase.  These oils can be used in the massage of the shoulders, neck and feet as well.  See essential oil application methods by clicking here.