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It is difficult to smile when your feet are hurting all the time.  Those with chronic bunion pain can relate.  Why look older than your years and unhappier than you feel inside?  

If you found out there were actions you could take to alleviate the pain caused by your bunions would you take them?  Well, there are and they are relatively simple to do.  They involve the use of therapeutic grade essential oils, foot massage and Spiral Synergy techniques.


Bunions are often a cause of mild to severe foot pain that limits the ability to easily move around.  The bones in the great toe, also called the big toe, are out of alignment which causes wear and tear at the joint between the bones leading to inflammation and pain and perhaps arthritis. 

Over time the area at the outer portion of the joint becomes enlarged. The enlargement actually is the end of the bone that is out of alignment and sticking out to the side.  I can also represent calcification, potential additional bone formation, often in combination with a misalignment of the big toe. The normal position of the big toe (straight forward) becomes directed toward the smaller toes. The enlarged joint at the base of the big toe becomes inflamed with redness, tenderness, and pain. A small fluid-filled sac adjacent to the joint can also become inflamed leading to additional swelling, redness, and pain.

While there are options to treat bunions with surgery, there are non-surgical approaches that can bring relief.  You can consider taking more conservative approaches first, and if they fail to provide relief, look to surgery as an option.  Let’s face it, you are the one living with the bunions and you are the one who will live with the consequences of your actions.


There are many muscles located in the foot which attach to the bones of the big toe and have an impact on the alignment and function of the toe.  Excessive tension in these muscles can cause an increased pulling on the bones of the big toe moving them out of normal position.  Massage of these muscles can relax the muscles and bring some relief to the foot.

Sit in a comfortable chair and position your foot across your opposite knee to give you access to the foot for massage.  Applying ice to the area prior to massage can reduce pain and inflammation.

Gently grasp the foot with your hands and slowly move the foot around to loosen the bones and joints.  Notice movements that feel comfortable and movements that cause discomfort.  Be careful to avoid hurting the bunion area.

Stretch the foot in different directions and hold the stretch for half a minute in each direction.

Using your fingertips and making small circles, massage the muscles and tissues on the top of the foot.  Move all around the foot and ankle working around the large bumps (malleoli) on the inside and outside of the ankle.

Using the tip of one finger press between the long bones located above the toes (the metatarsals) to loosen small muscles located between the bones on the top of the foot.

Bringing your attention to the bottom of the foot, gently massage with circular movements pressing into the tissues.  Press deeper and deeper until you can feel the underside of the bones in the foot.  You might feel tension in the muscles of the foot. 

Bring your attention to the inside of the heel.  One of the muscles that move the big toe arises from the inside of the heel bone.  Use your thumb to make circular and lengthwise movements along the muscle on the inner arch of the foot.  If you encounter tight or sore areas stop and press into them with firm pressure for up to 30 seconds.

If you feel ropy or stringy areas in this area you can run your fingers back and forth across the ropy areas for a minute.  These muscles may develop trigger points which can refer pain into other areas of the foot.

Move to the middle toes on the bottom of the foot.  There is a muscle that connects the third metatarsal to the big toe.  Press deeply into the area around the third metatarsals to identify tight or stringy muscles.  Press into the tight areas and wait for the tissue to softer or run your finger back and forth across stringy tissues.  Another muscle belly connects the end of the third metatarsal to the big toe.  Press into the area around the end of the bone (where the metatarsal joins with the toe) to locate tight or sore muscles.

Move to the area around the bunion.  Gently massage the bunion area with fingertip circular strokes to loosen any tight or sore tissues.  Gently hold the bones above and below the joint where the bunion is and move them gently in different directions as tolerated.


Essential  Oils

To relieve foot pain due to bunions you can simply apply essential oils onto the area of the bunion and gently rub them into the skin and around the joint.  Follow the application of the oils with a warm, moist towel or wash cloth over the area to allow the oils to penetrate into the tissues and joint.  The application of oils should be performed several times during the day, at least upon awakening and prior to going to sleep.

Learn about essential oils by watching the recorded webinar on this site.

If you purchased the DVD teaching techniques to relieve bunion pain you may recall references made to essential oils that were helpful to apply to the bunion to facilitate healing.  The Young Living oil blends I used in the DVD were Relieve It and Panaway and RC.  I followed up with an application of Peppermint which serves to help the other oils penetrate more deeply.

Valor blend is great for skeletal alignment and is good to apply after the massage work has been completed and before you retire for the evening.  

There are many essential oils which provide an Anti-inflammatory effect.  To name a few:  lavender; copaiba; wintergreen; frankincense; Roman chamomile; ocotea; balsam fir; spruce.   There are many more.

Spiral Synergy

Spiral Synergy has a protocol for working with bunions that can help release muscle tension and re-educate the muscles to bring the bones into proper alignment.  The basic idea is to painlessly exaggerate the position of the bones to allow the nervous system to reset the muscle tension holding the bones out of alignment.  It works with nervous system reflexes operating at an below conscious level.  Consider buying the educational DVD  demonstrating the techniques.  An ebook is also available as well.