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Our years of experience teaching and practicing massage professionally has given us the opportunity to give explanations of many different conditions, their impact on how the body works, and how massage and bodywork can help.  

This is where we share that experience and knowledge with you.

Middle & Upper Back Pain

It goes OUCH when you slouch!


One of the postures we frequently notice when walking at the mall or any public place is rounded shoulders and slouched forward chest.  This often appears during the high school years when we make our daily pilgrimage to that institution of higher learning.  The taller kids bend forward so they can talk with their peers.  Girls are becoming women and may take on a self-conscious pose.  Of course being saddled with heavy back packs is of little help.  So, the makings of mid to upper back pain can have its roots early on in life.  That is why doing some massage can keep the muscles looser and intervene in the postural distortion.

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Neck Pain and Whiplash

The neck is subjected to a lot of abuse from our daily work and play activities, often without our realizing it.  We take it’s painless actions for granted until “all of a sudden” we wake up with a stiff neck.  Slowly over time we go from full mobility to restricted movements; to the point we look in the rear view mirror to back up our car because we can’t turn our head completely around to look over our shoulder.  Has this happened to you?

How does we get this way?

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Asthma is a chronic disorder that is often triggered by external factors such as pollen and pollution.  Synthetic scents used in the perfume industry, personal care products and household cleansers can also trigger asthma attacks.  Internal factors such as emotional stress and exertion from exercise can also trigger asthma attacks.  Asthma episodes result in spasmodic constriction of the smooth muscle layer in the bronchial tubes leading to the lung tissue that exchanges carbon dioxide for oxygen across the respiratory membranes.  There is local chronic inflammation accompanied by excessive mucous production.  When an episode is experienced there is coughing, wheezing and difficulty breathing, especially exhaling.  

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Thinking back to when you were an infant, or for those of you lucky enough to still be in their presence, it was fairly predictable when you would soil your diaper with #2.  Usually you would take in a good meal (breast milk or formula) or even some semi-solids.  Then, like magic, you would have a bowel movement.  Oftentimes there would be some playtime activity just before the big event.  

Somehow over the ensuing years many of us go from “going” 3 times a day or more to going once every 3 days (or more).  What gives?

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Shoulder Joints and Shoulder Pain

The bones and muscles and joints that make up the shoulder girdle are dependent upon the free moving flexibility of each component to allow the shoulder to function at its highest level.

The actual shoulder joint (glenohumeral joint) is formed by the junction of the upper arm bone (humerus) and the shoulder blade (scapula).  The joint is structurally very shallow and unstable thus depending upon the stability provided by the tendons of the four rotator cuff muscles which cross from the shoulder blade to the head or top of the humerus.

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