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Our years of experience teaching and practicing massage professionally has given us the opportunity to give explanations of many different conditions, their impact on how the body works, and how massage and bodywork can help.  

This is where we share that experience and knowledge with you.

Low back Pain

Over the years we have seen and continue to see clients with low back pain.  Often it is the result of overdoing it with the gardening, moving boxes around the garage or basement, lifting the grandkids, care taking for a loved one.  The causes are numerous and the pattern of muscular overuse is all too familiar.  Low back pain is a major cause for reduced productivity at work and around the house.  It is one of the top reasons people miss time at the workplace.

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It is difficult to smile when your feet are hurting all the time.  Those with chronic bunion pain can relate.  Why look older than your years and unhappier than you feel inside?  

If you found out there were actions you could take to alleviate the pain caused by your bunions would you take them?  Well, there are and they are relatively simple to do.  They involve the use of therapeutic grade essential oils, foot massage and Spiral Synergy techniques.

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PAIN - What is it?

Over the 27 years we have been practicing professional massage we have found that many people talk about their aches and pains but do not really understand the causes.

What we often tell them is that Pain is a message to Pay Attention Inside Now.  This is a message we should not ignore or put off until later.  Unfortunately in a busy world of work and housekeeping; raising a family and maintaining a household, many do not have the time to attend to the pain so they mask it through medications such as aspirin and the like.

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The term arthritis means joint inflammation.  Although there are many types of arthritis,  two main forms we are likely to suffer from are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Osteoarthritis, the most common type in humans, occurs when the protective cartilage that lines the ends of bones in a joint is damaged.  Over time, the cartilage breaks up and the surface of the bones rub against one another causing mild to severe pain.  This pain leads to changes in how you use your other joints and muscles leading to stress and pain in other areas of your body over time.  Masking the symptoms of pain and inflammation with medication does not address the cause of the problem.

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Head Aches?

You are not alone.  Common headaches account for an amazing amount of time lost from work and more importantly, loss of productivity at work.  Visit the local drug store and you will find entire aisles dedicated to over the counter pain relievers targeting headaches.  You will find pain relievers in nearly all work breakrooms.  There are some natural approaches you can take to address them once you have them and avoid getting them in the first place.

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