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Our years of experience teaching and practicing massage professionally has given us the opportunity to give explanations of many different conditions, their impact on how the body works, and how massage and bodywork can help.  

This is where we share that experience and knowledge with you.

Rotator Cuff and Frozen shoulder

While the term rotator cuff is familiar to many, the meaning of the term is not clear and the description is vague.  While many clients have reported a diagnosis of rotator cuff tears, most do not know which of the 4 muscles that make up this structure has been injured or what they do.  What is the rotator cuff anyway?

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Jaw Pain and TMJ

TMJ Dysfunction and jaw pain

Many of us are unaware that there are actions we can take to maintain the health of our jaw and the TMJ.  We have been conditioned to give over our physical health maintenance to outside experts such as doctors, dentists and the like.  There is a lot of good they can do for you so make sure you visit your dentist regularly.  Fact is, there are some simple things YOU can do to keep your jaw loose and happy.

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Tennis Elbow and Elbow pain

You don’t have to be a tennis player to experience elbow pain.


Elbow pain referred to as tennis elbow can arise from several sources.  One cause is from pulling forces or strains to the muscles that attach to the end of the long bone of the upper arm during activities such as tennis or other racket sports.  One such muscle deeper in the forearm is called the supinator (A), which pivots or twists the bones in the forearm.  In racket sports this muscle is strained when you reach your racket out to return a serve or volley.  The stretching force is magnified by the fact that the racket increases the effective length of the arm and multiplies the force exerted on the muscles that move the elbow and wrist.  Since we are not born with tennis rackets in our hands the use of such devices creates strain patterns with overuse.  The result of constant strain on these muscles is what we refer to as “tennis elbow” although anyone who works strenuously with hand tools or musical instruments (especially mallets and drumsticks) can develop similar pain patterns.

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Optimize Your Eyes

Vision and Eyesight


What is your vision worth to you?  How would your life change if your eyesight began to fail and you could not see as clearly as you once did?


Do you know there are things you can do to optimize your eye sight?

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AchillesTendon Pain

The achilles tendon is one of the thickest in the body and is formed by the two muscle bellies of the large gastrocnemius and the thick soleus muscle which lies beneath it.  The tendon attaches to the back of the heel bone (calcaneus).  The action of these two calf muscles is to lift up on the heel.  You use these muscles when you lift yourself up on your toes or push off as in walking or running.   If it is torn or inflamed you will have problems moving around.

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