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#102 Fluff & Flow™


There are people who are somewhat self-conscious about getting a massage, taking their clothes off, or who have difficulty removing articles of clothing.  This is for them.  It can be performed through clothing and does not involve any lubricants or massage strokes.  It can be used when massage work may not be indicated due to medical conditions.


Fluff & Flow is an approach to release restrictive tension patterns in muscles, joints and connective tissues using the connections between the brain, spinal cord and sensory receptors located throughout our tendons, muscles and joints.  


This is a gentle, non-invasive style.  No pain should be caused when doing the movements.  


The practitioner maintains a soft, gentle contact with the tissues of the receiver and moves the body in a rhythm the body prefers to move naturally.  


Maintaining a nurturing mindset creates an atmosphere where healing and relaxation can take place.  A meditative, trancelike connection is maintained as the fluffing and flopping movements are performed on each body area and as one flows from one body area to another.


This video includes demonstrations for each major area of the body.  You can practice the techniques on a specific area or combine several body areas together in one session.


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