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As practicing massage therapists we have dealt with many painful conditions over the past 27 years.  As massage educators, we have always provided information to our clients about possible sources of their pain, muscular, skeletal and nerve involvement and shared with them some easy activities they could do to maintain and improve their health.


It is this same approach we have brought to these videos.


These videos are designed for you to learn effective massage and bodywork techniques that can be shared with family, friends and yourself.  The teacher’s familiarity with the material comes from years of teaching and practical experience giving these videos an informal feel.  The therapists comment naturally during the performance of the techniques and let unscripted words and descriptions flow “in the moment”.  The result is a video production with minimal editing and staging.  


While many instructional massage videos show a “full body” massage protocol, we provide separate productions for each of the major body areas in order to give you multiple options in addressing a given body area.   Information about the skeletal and muscular structure of the area is often included for clarity and confidence.


Each video is organized into a number of chapters or “scene selections” so you can repeatedly review portions of the material that are of interest to you.  If anatomy is of no interest to you, simply skip to the sections showing the massage techniques.  If you are interested in the skeletal and muscular anatomy, review that material as well.


While these videos were produced to target the “average” untrained person, current massage students and practicing massage professionals will find the techniques presented a good review of material taught in massage school (or material not covered in their massage school!)


Click on each title to view a sample of the video and to read a brief description of its content.