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It is a fact of modern times that many of us lead such busy lives just taking the time to eat, much less prepare, nutritious balanced meals is difficult.  I recall too many times I grabbed what ever was quick and easy for lunch or dinner as work demands ate up my time.  I have relied on the poor choices offered by the ever-ready vending machines to satisfy a craving too many times.  And my waistline suffered as a result!

Sound familiar?

Current research indicates that more than 64 percent of American adults are either obese or overweight—a 14 percent increase from just 20 years ago.  And sadly, childhood obesity is reaching epidemic proportions.  When the federal government recognizes pizza as a vegetable for school lunches due to the tomato paste content we have problems.  Type II diabetes is far too common and has found its way into younger and younger populations.

What other symptoms does poor nutritional habits lead to?  Fatigue, a compromised immune system, poor digestion and constipation. 

Those days are behind me since I discovered options that allow me to satisfy my nutritional needs in a healthful way with little prep time.  I started using nutritional supplements like powdered mixes and “meal replacement” bars that I can store easily at work and travel well, too.

I know there are many such supplements to be found from numerous companies and stores.  None of those others incorporate therapeutic grade essential oils into their formulations like Young Living does.  These plant nutrient essential oils make the other nutrient content more easily digested and assimilated by the cells in the body.  

Here you will find descriptions for multivitamins, enzyme support, and nutritional products that will help turn the nutritional tide in your life.  And don’t forget to read about Slique Tea, a unique combination of tea leaves, essential oil, cacao (yes, chocolate!) and other proprietary ingredients available ONLY from Young Living.

Young Living's Most Popular Product Recommendations for Everyday Nutrition

  • NingXia Red: A superfood-sourced, essential oil-infused supplement, plus the vitamins and antioxidants your body requires.
  • True Source™: The Young Living multivitamin with the widest array of whole food-sourced nutrients.
  • Longevity™: A potent blend of fat-soluble antioxidants.
  • Omega BlueClinically proven to supplement the body with crucial levels of omega-3 fatty acid nutrients.
  • Life 5™: Probiotic that builds and restores core intestinal health.
  • Essentialzymes-4™: An advanced multi-enzyme complex that promotes digestion and assists in the assimilation of nutrients.
  • Mineral Essence™: An excellent way to provide the body with vital nutrients.


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Slique® Nutritional Support