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We all enjoy the personal touch, don’t we?


Face to face interaction is the backbone of Relationship Marketing groups such as Young LIving.  While everyone would like to maintain personal contact (Laura and I are massage therapists, after all), it is not always feasible, especially when living far apart.  


For those of you living a distance from us and who can’t easily attend our trainings and home gatherings we found a solution that will save you time and gas while conserving our planet’s resources. 


Recently I started using a service to set up internet based meetings which allows you to view my computer screen while we talk.  This service works with Windows and Apple computers.  The “meeting” must be set up spontaneously.  Together we arrange a date and time to meet-up.  Once I obtain a pass code from the service, I call or e-mail you to provide the pass code and then you log on to the service.  Our computer speakers can be used to talk through saving on phone expenses.


We can also use FaceTime if you have an Apple device supporting the program.  Skype  is a similar service that works with many PC devices.    You can not view my computer screen these ways, however.


If you are interested in setting up an individual or small group training as a means of building your YL business please send us an e-mail


We have discussed these topics with our Young Living members in the past:


  • How to enroll a new member
  • Tour the virtual office
  • Compensation plan highlights
  • Essential Rewards Club benefits and enrollment
  • Ten Tactics for Building Your Business
  • Intro to Essential Oils
  • NingXia Red Benefits
  • Slique Waist Management
  • Spring Clean your Body
  • Fight Germs with Thieves  


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The JOY of Essential Rewards!


If you were to start with ONE PRODUCT to regain and maintain your health, drinking NingXia Red is it.  

As simple as Open, Pour and Drink!

Why do I drink NingXia Red?  Why should YOU drink NingXia Red? Learn about the research behind the powerful formulation that puts this nutritional powerhouse at the top of the charts.



Maintaining and regaining your health starts with a clean sweep of your system.  Think about it...do you feel better when you clean out the garage, your car, the junk drawer or your closet?  Your body can feel just as good.

Periodic Spring Cleaning of your digestive tract is an important part of maintaining optimal health.  It can be a first step in improving your health.  The gentle 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse is an easy way to restore balance and eliminate foods that may not serve your best health interests.

Health friendly cleaning products to use around the house can fight germs without posing chemical poisoning for your family, including pets.  The Thieves essential oil blend is incorporated into cleansers and personal care products like toothpaste and mouthwash.  Learn about the research behind the ingredients in these health enhancing products.

If Waist Mainagement is of concern to you or someone you know this package of products can contibute to a reduced waistline.

Learn about the research behind the products that are included in this package and how your health can benefit now and in the future.

Whether you are new to essential oils or have used them in the past this informative presentation explores the history, distillation, healing properties and research behind their use.  The 5 single oils and 4 oil blends included in the Everyday Oil starter package are described and useage tips are offered.