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Our years of experience teaching and practicing massage professionally has given us the opportunity to give explanations of many different conditions, their impact on how the body works, and how massage and bodywork can help.  

This is where we share that experience and knowledge with you.

Pregnenolone: Nature’s Hormonal Harmonizer

Although hormonal imbalance can occur at any age for many reasons, as one ages gracefully over time the natural production of certain hormones tapers off gradually.  Famously notable among these are testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. DHEA, our most abundant circulating steroid hormone, begins its natural decline in production around the age of 30 according to medical sources.    All of these hormones are naturally derived from pregnenolone, a naturally occurring steroid hormone derived from cholesterol in the mitochondria of the cells.  It is sometimes called the master hormone as most steroid hormones are produced from it. Pregnenolone production is controlled by hormones secreted into the bloodstream by the pituitary gland in the brain.  

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Tablet Neck™ Syndrome

Tablet Neck™ Syndrome 


Tablet Neck Syndrome is a term that I started using a number of years ago as the use of computers, hand held tablets and ”smart” phones increasingly came into use.  Tablet Neck is non-discriminatory.  It afflicts men and women equally and can be found among the population across the age spectrum.  Given that children, teens and young adults increasingly spend time playing video games and using cell phones they may be more at risk.  The older population with bi-focal and tri-focal corrective eyeglasses are also subject to increased risk of developing Tablet Neck syndrome.

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Thyroid and Chlorine

You may know that chlorine is very harmful for the health of the thyroid gland.  Many years ago Gary Young answered another member's question regarding thyroid and swimming and he suggested protecting the body from chlorine with the use of Cel Lite Magic massage oil on the skin to protect and neutralize the effects of chlorine on the body.  This is good exercise but his body will need to be protected.

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Hamstring Health

People seem to know the hamstring muscles exist and that they are located in the back of the thigh but have little idea of what they look like and what they do.  We know they cramp up a lot or are strained when stretched too far. 


Let us take a look at

  • Where the hamstrings are
  • What they look and feel like
  • What they do
  • Pain patterns for hamstrings
  • What you can do to loosen them up

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Cold and Flu? - Not for YOU!


It seems to be an annual ritual that begins just after Halloween in the USA.  Perhaps its the excessive sugar consumption from the “trick or treat” candy followed by Thanksgiving pies which is closely followed by holiday cookies and baked goods.  Throw in some cold weather and reduced outdoor exercise activity and you are inviting dis-ease into your home.  


Each year medical researchers prepare a Flu shot cocktail of select virus strains to protect us through the “flu season” and signs pop up everywhere to let you know they are available.


The old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” certainly applies here.  If you keep your immune system strong and avoid creating an acid internal body environment friendly to the unfriendly bacteria and viruses that surround us you will probably stay healthy.


Let us take a look at PREVENTION

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