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Spiral Synergy™

Spiral Synergy is based upon the belief that all life forms have the natural, unconditional ability to self-heal. Often, through physical, emotional and or spiritual events we lose our connection with this ability. The distractions of everyday life blur our connection with self, with source and with the universe in which we exist. The self-healing capacity of the body works through a system of self-correcting reflexes. When these reflexes are engaged they continue to integrate change throughout the organism over several days.


Spirals are a universal pattern of energy as expressed in such diverse forms as multiple galaxies in outer space to the arrangement of the DNA in the inner spaces of our cells.

Synergy is derived from the Greek words sunergia (co-operation) and sunergus (working together). In synergistic relationships the sum of two or more energies has greater effect than individual energies acting alone.

Thus Spiral Synergy engages universal energy patterns to promote balance and ease in the body and the mind.

Spiral Synergy work is centered on cultivating and nurturing a state of consciousness that taps into the healing energy that exists in all things. When interacting with another we learn to create an environment of comfort and ease which facilitates the connection with the inner self. Through an affirming non-judgmental mindset, an atmosphere is created where dialog on many levels brings awareness to events, thought and beliefs that have been trapped in the body and which may no longer serve us in a productive way.

Methods of establishing connections with these patterns range from gentle physical touch to subtle energy field contact. The seminars comprising the Spiral Synergy training provide instruction and practice in developing self-awareness and engaging in a healing conversation with the body. In this conversation suppressed dysfunctional patterns can be explored, expressed and altered.

A series of instructional DVDs are available on this website to train you in the skills to effectively share with others.

The Spiral Pattern

The Spiral pattern occurs in all facets of the natural world, from the currents of air and water circulation to the blooming of a rose blossom to the formation of the DNA structure in every cell of our bodies. Synergy is a means of working with rather than against other forces. Thus Spiral Synergy works with the patterns of nature to facilitate balance and ease.


Spiral Synergy is performed through the clothing so it can be performed anywhere at anytime as long as there is room available on the floor or in a chair.

One of the main priciples is "NO PAIN" so anyone can receive the work as long as you use gentle pressure and movements and respond to any complaints of discomfort.

How it works 

On a physical level, Spiral Synergy techniques place the body in postions of comfort and ease as shown in the illustrations.  Sensory receptors in the muscles (spindle cells), tendons (golgi tendon organs) and joints communicate with one another and the brain via the spinal cord.  All of the muscles and joints in the body can adjust their tension levels to allow for greater range of motion and ease of movement.  Since the brain is involved, the emotional component of the tension patterns can be accessed and released as well.

More Benefits

This gentle, non-invasive approach to tension and pain relief is great for people of all ages and medical conditions.  Since the receiver is clothed in loose fitting attire Spiral Synergy can be performed anywhere and on even the most modest person.  If there are concerns about the appropriateness of massage or tissue manipulation in a given circumstance you may find that Spiral Synergy is a good option.  Anyone can do this technique and you already are doing it with yourself every day though you may not be aware of it.


The physical level of Spiral Synergy has the following precautions.
Inflammed or swollen joints
Broken bones
While physical work would be contra-indicated, the energetic level of Spiral Synergy may be appropriate in these circumstances.