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How to Create an Account & Place an Order

We are delighted that you are ready to start enjoying optimal health with Young Living.   To purchase products from Young Living you must establish an account with the company.  The following information provides step by step instructions in how to do that.  

We suggest you have a pad of paper and a pencil handy in order to write down the PIN and passwords you will create.   You can also make a list of products you want to make it easier to place your first order.

Once you establish your account you can write down your assigned account number,


How to Enroll and Place an Order

Decide on the following before you log on to the internet or call customer service

STEP ONE – Choose a membership type

Retail customer account

  • No membership fee
  • Purchase product at retail price (24% above wholesale prices)
  • Purchase products a minimum of once per year to keep your account active

Wholesale (distributor) account  (BEST OPTION)

  • One time Membership fee of $40.00 required
  • Purchase products at wholesale prices (Save 24% off retail pricing)
  • 50 pv ($50) in purchases per year required to maintain active membership
  • Social security number (or FEIN) required due to commission eligibility

Membership types

STEP TWO – Create passwords

When you become a member of Young Living you need account passwords and PIN numbers to communicate with customer service and to log on to your internet virtual office to conduct business and place orders.  To make the enrollment process proceed more smoothly, it is a good idea to write them down in advance.

Provide a 4 digit personal identification number (PIN).  Required for identification when contacting customer service.

Provide an 8 – 12 character alphanumeric password.  Required to access your free “virtual office” on the internet

Provide a screen name (user name).  This is often the same as your name.  For internet use only.

STEP 3 - Obtain YOUR membership account number

The easiest ways to activate a membership with Young Living


Log in to website (www.youngliving.com/4health)

Click on “Sign Up Here” tab on left

Follow the prompts

Contact Young Living via telephone.

Distributor Network Services (Customer Service) 1-800-371-3515

Mon thru Fri 6:00AM to 8:00PM Mountain Standard Time 

Saturday  7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Provide member #523166 as the Referral source when they ask who referred you.

Wholesale applicants must order one of the following:

#3693 Start Living kit $40.00

#3700 Start Living with Everyday Oils* $150.00

#3696 Start Living with NingXia Red* $185.00

#3694 Start Living with Thieves* $150.00

#3685 Start Living with 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse Kit* $300.00

#4798 Start Living with Slique Kit* $275.00

#4799 Start Living with Slique Kit* (Vegetarian) $285.00

  • includes #3693 Start Living Kit

Step 4 - Essential Rewards program enrollment

With this voluntary program you earn a percentage of your monthly order in the form of merchandise credits which you use to try new products or receive your favorite products for free.  If you are committed    to changing your health and improving your quality of life enrolling in this program assures you will never run out of the products you come to like and thus remain on your path to optimal health.

Learn more about this program by reading this description.

Remember that if you ever need support or questions answered we are always ready to assist.

In gratitude and health, 

Ray and Laura

Member #523166

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.