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Reducing muscle soreness and joint aches while increasing vitality and energy levels is as easy as laying down on one of these for half an hour a day.   Read more



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Laura’s Young Living Essential Summer

Guaranteed to get you through the coming months with the zip of the plants around us.

Have you read any good labels lately?  I have, and have been astonished to find a lot of nasty things in the summer solutions in the grocery. I want to buy things that I can feel good about for my family.  Frankly, I also like having products which will do double duty. Essential oils are nature’s most elegant and eclectic multi-taskers.  Here’s what I mean:


Welcome to our redesigned website

Welcome to our newly redesigned website. While sharingthehealth.com has been up and running for almost two years, we have been putting major effort into developing the content you find here today. Recording and editing the movies for the instructional DVDs; organizing and recording the “webinar” presentations; researching and writing the articles; authoring an e-book; and learning the fundamentals of website design. And all this activity in the spare time between seeing our massage clients and raising a family. While there is a lot here already, the better news is we have lots more to contribute. Our best teachers are our students, our clients and our kids...and people like you!


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