Massage has been around for as long as we have.  It is instinctual to rub an area of soreness to help it feel better.  So using your hands and fingers to manipulate your tissues can help a lot.  Most of us can reach all over our body save our mid and upper back.  We can use tools to get to those places or have someone address those areas for us.  Getting older does not have to mean getting stiffer.

Massaging your body is free and cost effective in the long run.

If you choose to have your only body last for an entire lifetime in good operating condition you must maintain it.  Massage therapy is a part of regular routine maintenance.

Everyone knows that maintaining your car or other machinery prolongs its useful life.  Our body is no different.   While we routinely change the oil in our car every 3000 miles or when recommended, we will put many more miles on our body and perform no routine maintenance.  

Why wait for a breakdown before taking action?

In order to enjoy a good quality of life it is important to maintain the health of your joints and muscles as well as your organ systems (heart, lungs, brain, etc.)   Research has shown that muscle mass tends to diminish as we age as does bone density.  Weight bearing exercise will maintain muscle mass and bone density.  Stretching and other flexibility practices keep the muscles limber and promote joint health.  Massage therapy also maintains joint flexibility and muscle health by enhancing blood circulation, nutrition delivery and waste removal.

When NOT to Massage

When NOT to Massage As practicing massage therapists with many years of experience we have had our share of success stories working with our clients.  As educators we strongly believe that keeping boundaries around the limitations of massage therapy is important.  There are times that professionals and amateurs alike take on situations that should be…


Stretching & Massage

Stretching & Massage Adding some stretches to the massages you share with your family at home is an easy way to make the massage sessions more effective.  It also adds variety and interest to the massage. We taught our massage students several different approaches to applying stretches.  The two that make sense for the average…