Reflexology is the manipulation of reflex areas on the feet and hands that are connected to organs, glands and joints throughout the body through the nervous system.  The goals are to improve circulation, normalize body function and reduce stress by stimulating nerve reflex activity throughout the body through sensory receptors

An example of reflex areas on the feet that correspond to organs and joints in the body. You can search the internet for additional examples of charts for the feet, hands and ears.

located in specific areas of the feet and hands.  

Reflex work on the body has been documented as far back as early Egyptian times.  There are many cultures that have used the practice.

Today Reflexology is practiced professionally by trained Reflexologists although the hours and extent of training varies widely.  

The techniques are simple to apply and lend themselves well to use at home on yourself and your family members.  For guidance on specific areas to address you can refer to one of the many books and charts available on the subject.  You will see some areas on the feet depicted in various posts on this website.