Stress & Emotional Balance

Optimal function of the nervous and hormonal systems can be greatly impacted by many factors.  These two systems affect all of the other systems (digestive, lymphatic, cardiovascular, etc.)  Find out about some simple steps you can take to support their healthy function.


Pregnenolone: Nature’s Hormonal Harmonizer

Pregnenolone: Nature’s Hormonal Harmonizer Promote hormonal balance and smoother, moister skin with a body cream fortified with pregnenolone and DHEA Although hormonal imbalance can occur at any age for many reasons, as one ages gracefully over time the natural production of certain hormones tapers off gradually.  Famously notable among these are testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.…


Head Aches?

Head Aches? You are not alone.  Common tension headaches account for an amazing amount of time lost from work and more importantly, loss of productivity at work.  You will find pain relievers in nearly all workplace breakrooms.  There are some natural approaches you can take to address them once you have them and avoid getting…


Sound Sleep Solutions

Sound Sleep Solutions Babies sleep a lot.  It is a time of tremendous growth.  The body uses sleep hours for restoration and regeneration.  It is the time when debris is removed from and damaged cells are destroyed in the bloodstream.  Researchers have found that  8 hours of sleep per day is optimal.  The effects on alertness and…